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The participating countries and islands of the Kingdom Taskforce are: Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten and the Netherlands, and the public bodies Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. Although the countries and public bodies are primarily responsible for the welfare of their children, the countries have been working closely together since 2014 through the Kingdom Taskforce for Children's Rights. Sharing knowledge, creating connections and intercountry cooperation is the main goal in this.


Especially now in these challenging times of, among others, COVID-19, it is essential to join forces and knowledge to jointly tackle the issues surrounding children's rights. Thanks to this collaboration, the children of the Kingdom can retain the perspective of a healthy and safe future. We will continue to focus on the voice of our children.

The current representatives per island are:


Aruba: Mrs.Sacha Geerman

Aruba: Mrs.Yvonne Bermudes

Bonaire:  Mr.Reginald De Palm

Bonaire: Mrs.Maideline Martijn

Curaçao: Mrs.Miosotis Yearwood

Saba: Mrs.Ramona Berkel

St. Eustatius: Mrs.Monica Smith

St. Eustatius: Mrs.Curdi Lewis

St. Maarten: Mrs.Soraya Agard

St. Maarten: Mrs.Faye Arnell

St. Maarten: Mrs.Diedra Sprott

Nederland-VWS: Mrs.Yasemin Glasgow

Nederland-VWS: Mrs.Jantine Homan

Nederland-BZK: Mrs.Rachel Crowe

Nederland-BZK: Mrs.Tess Martina

Secretariaat: Mrs.Gilian Martina

Curaçao: Mrs.Judiska Cijntje


Yasemin Glasgow


Tess Martina.jfif



Ramona Berkel.jpeg

Ramona Berkel


Sacha Geerman.jpeg

Sacha Geerman


R. Crowe.webp

Rachel Crowe


Profile Pic Faye Arnell.jpg

Faye Arnell

St. Maarten

Monica Smith.JPG

Monica Smith

St. Eustatius

Judiska Cijntje.jpeg

Judiska Cijntje


Diedra Sprott.jpeg

Diedra Sprott

St. Maarten


Maideline Martijn


drs. Yvonne Geerman Bermudes.JPG

Yvonne Bermudes


Agard Soraya.jpeg

Soraya Agard

St. Maarten

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