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The Taskforce gives concrete form to its task of stimulating knowledge exchange by organizing an annual (work) conference, among other things. During the Taskforce conferences, professionals from all countries and countries from different disciplines come together to gain new knowledge, share experiences and make agreements with regard to compliance with and enforcement of children's rights.

Conferences and Themes:


2015: 'Safety nets' in Aruba

2017: 'Positive parenting' on Bonaire

2018: 'Participation in education' in Curaçao

2019: 'Child Protection' on St. Maarten and Saba

2020: 'Social impact of COVID-19 on children' and 'Monitoring & Evaluation' on St. Eustatius Hybrid conference via video

CONFERENCE 2021 | Together We Protect


In times of Corona, there is an increasing trend in domestic violence worldwide. The conference No Mas No More took place from 30 November to 2 December 2021. About 200 professionals from both the Caribbean part of the Netherlands and the Netherlands discussed the importance of reporting (protection code, hotline, child telephone), (inter)island relief, victim support, chain cooperation and information sharing.

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